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Our books and research papers

Here are some of the research papers and books written by our members, our DVDs, and our reviews / commentaries posted on commercial magazines. For more information on research topics and grants, please see “List of Achievements” in Primary Care and Medical Education.


What kinds of work do Japanese primary care physicians who derive greater positive meaning from work engage in? A cross-sectional study

Yamamoto Y , Haruta J,  Goto R, Maeno T.

J Gen Fam Med. 2022;00:1–8. 2022 10.


木村周平, 堀口佐知子, 後藤亮平, 飯田淳子, 小曽根早知子, 金子惇, 照山絢子, 濱雄亮, 春田淳志, 宮地純一郎


Mortality differences in disabled older adults by place of care in Japan: nationwide 10-year results

Ito T, Sato M, Takahashi H, Omori C, Taniguchi Y, Xueying Jin, Watanabe T, Noguchi H, Tamiya N.

Journal of Public Health Policy 2022.10


Analyzing annual changes in network structures of a social media application-based information-sharing system in a Japanese community

Haruta J,  Tsugawa S,  Ogura K.

Haruta et al. BMC Health Services Research 22:1107,2022 .08

A qualitative study of factors promoting EBM learning among medical students in Japan

Kataoka Y, Maeno T, Inaba T, Ninn S, Suzuki M, Maeno T.

International Journal of Medical Education. 2022;13:215-220 ISSN: 2042-6372

DOI: 10.5116/ijme.62eb.7c19

Study protocol of brief intervention using gene polymorphism information for excessive drinking among Japanese college students and adults aged 20–30 years: a randomized controlled trial

Owaki Y, Yoshimoto H, Saito G, Goto T, Kushio S, Nakamura A, Togo Y, Mori K, Hokazono H.

Owaki et al. Trials.2022.08

Translation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of the Supportive and Palliative Care Indicators Tool into Japanese: A Preliminary Report

Oishi A, Hamano J, Kirsty Boyd, Scott Murray.

Palliative Medicine Reports 3(1),2022.07

DOI: 10.1089/pmr.2021.0083

Rationale and design of a multicenter, double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled trial to investigate the effects of naldemedine on opioid-induced constipation for patients with cancer pain: A study protocol

Higashibata T, Hamano J, Kessoku T, Kajiura S, Hirakawa M, Horie Y, Shimizu M, Oyamada S, Ariyoshi K, Kihara K, Yamanaka Y, Konishi K, Doki K, Takashima Y, Horiuchi M, Homma M, Yamada T, Yamamoto Y, Moriwaki T, Morita T, Nakajima A, Nagaoka H.

Contemporary Clinical Trials Communications 29,100967.2022



佐藤 幹也, 伊藤 智子, 谷口 雄大, 大森 千尋, 金 雪瑩, 渡邉 多永子, 高橋 秀人, 野口 晴子, 田宮 菜奈子



Factors associated with interprofessional competencies among healthcare professionals in Japan

Haruta J, Goto R.

Journal of Interprofessional Care 1-7,2022,07

Effectiveness of nurse-delivered screening and brief alcohol intervention in the workplace: A randomized controlled trial at five Japan-based companies

Kuwabara Y , Kinjo A , Fujii M , Minobe R , Maesato H , Higuchi S , Yoshimoto H , Jike M , Otsuka Y , Itani O , Kaneita Y , Kanda H , Kasuga H , Ito T , Osaki Y.

Accepted Articles 2022.07


Gender-Related Differences in Social Participation Among Japanese Elderly Individuals During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Goto R, Ozone S, Kawada S, Yokoya S.

Journal of Primary Care & Community Health Volume 13: 1–6.2022.06

Changes in home visit utilization during the COVID-19 pandemic: a multicenter cross-sectional web-based survey

Hamano J,  Tachikawa H,  Takahashi S,  Ekoyama S,  Nagaoka H, Ozone S,  Masumoto S,  Hosoi T , Arai T.

BMC Research Notes 2022.7.

Structural validity and internal consistency of the Patient Centred Assessment Method in a primary care setting in a Japanese island area: a cross- sectional study

Sugiyama Y, Mutai R, Yoshimoto H, Horiguchi R, Yoshida S, Matsushima M.

BMJ Open 2022;12:e050566.

doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2021-050566

Verification of a Sense of Community Scale for Hospitals in Japan

Goto R , Haruta J, Ozone S.

Journal of Primary Care & Community Health Volume 13: 1–8. 2022.06


Are Prognostic Scores Better than Clinician Judgment? A Prospective Study using Three Models

Hiratsuka Y, Sang-Yeon Suh, David Hui, Morita T, Mori M, Oyamada S, Amano K, Imai K, Baba M, Kohara H, Hisanaga T, Maeda I, Hamano J, Inoue A.

ournal of Pain and Symptom Managemen 2022.06

COVID-19 Vaccination Willingness and Associated Factors in Japanese Primary Care Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study

Kajikawa N, Yokoya S, Maeno T.

Journal of Primary Care & Community Health.13;1-10.2022.05.


中山 元, 舛本 祥一, 春田 淳志, 前野 哲博.


Association of a home-based nursing service during chemotherapy with the transfer to home care immediately after the last chemotherapy treatment in patients with advanced cancer

Higashibata T, Iwata N, Kazama I, Irie Y, Yokosuka K, Okita J, Hamano J, Nagaoka H.

Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology, hyac085.2022.06.

Exploration of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of home health care workers in Japan: a multicenter cross-sectional web-based survey

Hamano J, Tachikawa H, Takahashi S, Ekoyama S, Nagaoka H, Ozone S, Masumoto S, Hosoi T, Arai T.

BMC Primary Care (2022) 23:129,2022.5

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