Aiming to become “all-rounders who can support people’s health”

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塚崎 栄里子, 岩上 将夫, 佐藤 幹也, 田宮 菜奈子


医療者と文化人類学者の協働の試み : 筑波での経験の報告

木村 周平, 春田 淳志, 照山 絢子, 後藤 亮平


Usefulness of painDETECT and S-LANSS in identifying the neuropathic component of mixed pain among patients with tumor-related cancer pain.

Higashibata T, Tagami K, Miura T, Okizaki A, Watanabe YS, Matsumoto Y, Morita T, Kinoshita H.

Support Care Cancer Support 28(1)279-285.2020.1



The relationship between subjective happiness and sleep problems in Japanese adolescents

Otsuka Y, Kaneita Y, Itani O, Jike M,Osaki Y,Higuchi S,Kanda H,Kinjo A,Kuwabara Y,Yoshimotoe H.

Sleep medicine 69 120-126, 2020.1


How and what do laypeople learn about end-of-life care using narrative? A case study in educational research

Haruta J, Oishi A, Den N

The Asia Pacific Scholar medical and healthcare professions education. TAPS 2020, 5(1), 16-24


Familial Mediterranean Fever is Important in the Differential Diagnosis of Recurrent Aseptic Meningitis in Japan

Hosoi T, Ishii K, Tozaka N, Kishida D,Sekijima Y,Tamaoka A.

Internal Medicine 59(1) 125, 2020


End-of-life care preferences of the general public and recommendations of healthcare providers: a nationwide survey in Japan

Hamano J, Hanari K, Tamiya N.

BMC palliative care 19(1) 38, 2020.3


Changes in Body Mass Index, Energy Intake, and Fluid Intake over 60 Months Premortem as Prognostic Factors in Frail Elderly: A Post-Death Longitudinal Study

Kawakami Y, Hamano J.

International journal of environmental research and public health 17(6), 2020.3


Abdominal Wall Cellulitis in Acute Abdomen

Yamaguchi H, Kobayashi H, Nagasaki K.

Internal Medicine.advpub 59(4) 595, 2020


A Single Motivational Lecture Can Promote Modest Weight Loss: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Nakata Y, Sasai H, Tsujimoto T, Hashimoto K.

Obesity facts pp.1-12, 2020.4


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Aiming to become “all-rounders who can support people’s health”